Холли Берри 51 год, но ее тренер Питер Ли Томас, утверждает, что у актрисы тело 25-летней. Все благодаря интенсивной работе над собой. Холли всегда отличалась стройностью, но сейчас, кажется, превзошла саму себя. В соцсетях «подружка Бонда» выставляет фотографии тренировок и рассказывает о мотивации, видах нагрузки и самих тренировках.

Томас предложил Холли бросить себе вызов: включить в занятия комбинированные упражнения, такие как йога, боевые искусства, бокс и военную подготовку. Актриса согласилась. Дальше начались эксперименты, риски и много работы. Они тренируются пять дней в неделю. При этом Холли придерживается кето-диеты (у актрисы сахарный диабет).

Как в 51 выглядеть на 30: секреты красоты Холли Берри


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Here we go....it’s #FitnessFriday. Let’s talk about our attitude! I know many people who have started their journey to better health and fitness with great enthusiasm. Sadly, after a few short weeks or even a few months they unfortunately QUIT! They felt defeated because they couldn’t master the exercises fast enough or didn’t see results as soon as they would have liked and they gave up. Whether a new workout, a new eating plan or an attempt to do yoga or meditation, we have become a society addicted to the quick fix and we want results before we even start to get good 😂 I totally understand that feeling. Finding the energy to continue when you see little results is tough and can be very discouraging. However, I’m here to tell you, I too have wanted the “quick fix” and felt like quitting because I couldn’t master an exercise fast enough. I’ve been #boxing a lot lately and when Peter told me I had to jump rope I thought it was going to be easy. We all skipped rope as kids, right? Well, wrong! Not this kind of skipping. The kind where you do 200 to 500 skips without stopping. The kind where you throw in a few tricks and keep on skipping until sweat is dripping off your body. That’s the kind I’m talking about. The first time I had to do consecutive skips without stopping I thought I was gonna die! However, I worked at it until I finally got it. I’m still no Ali with the rope, but this experience reminded me that just when you want to quit because you can’t do something easily or you see no real change, that is when real change is about to occur. This is the most important time to stick with it. I say this to you because I say it to myself every day. I encourage you to not give up and STICK WITH IT! Today on my IG Stories I share a little bit of my rope skipping and another exercise that also tried to defeat me a while back, the lunge jump. It’s good for your legs and butt and offers great cardio as well. Try 20-30 jump lunges for 3-5 sets. If the jumping is a bit too challenging, you can modify it, do a regular lunge and work toward the jumping. For those who want more of a challenge, Peter put some “hot sauce” on it and added a squat to the mix. Enjoy 💪🏽❤️

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It’s #FitnessFriday AGAIN! Today I’m proud to share my new #yoga pose. Thanks to all of you, I got super inspired and challenged myself to a head stand! I continue to challenge each of you to try new poses as well and share them with me by tagging #FitnessFridayHB. Today, let’s talk not just about yoga poses, but also about the meditative aspects of yoga. Many argue that some of the happiest people are those who spend time each day meditating. I can tell you that I’ve felt happier and more like my best self since I started. I’ve learned that meditation helps to balance your left brain and right brain, and as a result I feel more creative, I can absorb information faster and I experience better emotional health. #Meditation also helps me stay in touch with my “little me”, that little girl who keeps me curious and open to the newness of each day and every new experience that comes my way. Meditation keeps me connected to God, Mother Earth, a higher power or whatever you prefer, and reminds me that while we are all on a solo journey, we are never alone! So today, if you don’t already, try to find 20 minutes to meditate or pray. If you can make this ritual a part of your dailies, watch how your life will transform! Also today on my IG Stories and fitness highlight, I’m sharing my keto lunch. Enjoy 💪🏽❤️

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Coming for you 2018

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